Friday, February 26, 2010

The first game at Target Field (well sort of..)

Earlier this week I wrote about how fast the tickets sold out for the Twins exhibition games at Target Field (Frigid fans to flock to Target Field). Fans are excited to get inside to see the new stadium and watch the Twins play outdoor baseball. News came out yesterday that this won't even be the first baseball games to be played at Target Field. The Minnesota Gophers will play a game at Target Field the weekend before the Twins (Gophers get to christen Target Field).

I got calls and Facebook posts from fans that are upset that the first home team at Target Field won't get to be the Twins. My first reaction to the story was, "Oh well, it's no big deal." But the more I thought about it, the more I was a little irked. The Twins have worked hard to get this stadium and instead of them being the first team to step out on the field the local college team gets to give the field a test run. Instead of Joe Mauer and Denard Span running out onto the field there will be Billy Williams and Frank Johnson (fictitious Gopher players, cause nobody really knows who plays baseball for the Gophers).

One of my other biases might be the fact that I don't really like the Gophers all that much (GO SIOUX!). I understand that all the tickets are being sold for charity so that is great. It will also give the Target Field staff a dry run at taking tickets, selling concessions, etc. There are just a lot of season ticket holders that were excited to see the Twins play on Easter Weekend and now some of the luster of that weekend might be gone. Here's hoping for a snow out for the Gophers!!


Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Awesome post! I am being completely irrational and pretending that the Gopher game isn't actually happening. I am not going to attend that game anyways so it'll be easy enough. :)

thetwinsdifference said...

Add to that the fact that the Gophers are just, well, not that good. Shouldn't we be thinking about what kind of an omen the game will set?