Monday, February 8, 2010

Goodbye NFL.... Welcome Back MLB

The day after the Super Bowl there is always a feeling that the MLB Season is right around the corner. The confetti has barely hit the ground, Drew Brees is on his way to Disney World, and yet that first hint of Spring Training is lurking on the horizon. It will take ESPN a week or two to realize that the NFL season is over, especially with the story that the Saints provided over the past few seasons. But the crowning of a new NFL Champion always turns the page onto a new baseball season.

The Saints and their underdog role in this Super Bowl provides a spark to the thought that underdogs everywhere may have a shot in their perspective sports. The David vs. Goliath syndrome has played its way into competitions throughout the ages. For the Twins, in their role as David, their path this season will mostly cross with the Goliath of MLB, the NY Yankees. So thank you to the Saints for giving hope to the perennial underdog.

Congratulations Saints, Goodbye NFL... And Welcome Back Major League Baseball.

~Rob Neyer, of, wrote over the weekend about the Twins and the great off season that they are having ("Twins have great winter, quietly"

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