Thursday, February 18, 2010

Guide to Spring Training Travels: Fort Myers

The city of Fort Myers provides the perfect atmosphere for teams as they train for the upcoming season. The weather is perfect, the beaches are pristine, and the atmosphere is electric. One of the best things about Fort Myers is that there are two of baseballs best teams training right next to each other. The Minnesota Twins and the Boston Red Sox train on opposite ends of the city. If you plan on going down to Fort Myers for Spring Training the following should give you an idea of what you should spend your time on.

The Twins

The best thing to go to on any given day is the morning practices. This will give you an entirely new perspective on the team. You get to see the players in a more natural setting and they are a little bit more carefree. This is also the best time to get autographs from the players. The team moves back and forth from their weight training facility at one end of the complex to the main field at Hammond Stadium. I have had one on one conversations with Tony Olivia, Harmon Killebrew, and many others. Practices happen every morning, even if the team has a game, so get there early and enjoy.

Wear your sunscreen!!! There is nothing like watching baseball in the hot Florida sun while everyone else at home is freezing. One of my favorite places to sit is in the grass along the first-base line. Bring a blanket to lay on and bask in the sun. It is really hard to get autographs on game days. The players have a special area that they park in. If you wait by the gate where they come out you can catch a few players, but this doesn't happen often. If you go and watch the Twins play at Boston's field on the other side of town, it is much easier to get autographs there.

Fort Myers Sites and Sounds

The beaches of Fort Myers offer a wide range of activities during the day or night. There are a wide variety of restaurants and hotels that line the beach front. You will find everything from cheap burgers and fries all the way to steak and lobster. The best restaurant to eat at on the waterfront is called "The Parrot Key Caribbean Grill." It offers a great menu and great prices. If you are traveling with your family make sure that you check out Sanibel Island. It provides a family friendly atmosphere that will be fun for all.

If you have time to travel up the coast of Florida, the beaches of Sarasota are some of the nicest in Florida. There are many different dinning options including "The Daiquiri Deck." Make sure that you check out "The Daiquiri Deck" during happy hour for the best specials on their signature drinks.

Other Dining
Besides the beach front dinning there are many other options in the city of Fort Myers. If you are looking for the perfect sports bar then check out "Shoeless Joe's Sports Cafe." There are multiple TVs and a great menu to pick from at reasonable prices. If you are looking for a great place to eat then check out "The Hops Grill and Brewery." There are wonderful steaks at Hops and they brew their own beers in house. This was my favorite restaurant in Fort Myers.


There are a lot of different options for things to do in Fort Myers. Henry Ford and Thomas Edison have homes that you can tour. The price is a little steep though. On Sanibel Island you will find many different things. One stop worth taking is the National Wildlife Refuge. There are many things to see that you won't have access to anywhere else. In Sarasota, there are multiple world renowned aquariums. These are worth a visit if you have time on your journey.

Enjoy your time in Florida! It will be an experience that you never forget.

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