Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Life of a Twins Fan in North Dakota

Life as a Minnesota Twins Fan in North Dakota can be full of reward and fulfillment. It can also be full of hardships and sorrow. The driving to and from the Twin Cities until 3AM in the morning can be grueling. As a team, they are something I can rely on. Every spring the Twins give me hope for the new season. The hope of a small market team slaying the bigger markets across the baseball universe. Does this always happen? Well no....but the hope of new beginnings brings other fans and myself back to the team every year.

The 50th year of professional baseball in Minnesota (see logo above) will be a new beginning for the small market team that could. Twins Fans have been chomping at the bit to enter the the new hallowed grounds of Target Field. Excitement has been building with Twins Fans as the annual winter caravans and TwinsFest were wrapping up over the past few weeks. And in a few short weeks these fans will get to fight the cold and blustery weather of Easter Weekend to see their beloved Twins play in their new outdoor home; even if these are only exhibition games. Fans will come from far and wide (even from North Dakota) to get a glimpse of outdoor baseball.

North Dakota Twins fans might have to endure a few rain outs this season, but it will be well worth it to be able to keep baseball in Minnesota for years to come. The amount of revenue that the team is bringing in is allowing them to increase their payroll and this continues to be a positive for Twins Fans and Fans across baseball. These new beginnings allow for new hopes in Twins Territory and hope is never a bad thing.

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