Monday, February 22, 2010

No Contract, No Shave Campaign

The biggest sporting news over the weekend wasn't the US upsetting Canada in hockey or that Tiger Woods came out to publicly apologize. The biggest news out of the world of sports was the fact that Joe Mauer reported to Twins Camp with a full beard. Finally, Mauer found a way to silently protest the fact that he doesn't have a contract extension yet. Mauer's sideburns have been one of the most marketable items for the Twins since he entered the league. The Twins have had Mauer sideburn day at the Dome and a Twins Territory commercial about his famous facial hair. So take that slap in the face Twins. Give Mauer a contract or there won't be any sideburns to market at Target Field.

Thank you Mauer, for finally standing up for the contract that you deserve. All of Twins Territory should start the "No Contract, No Shave Campaign." Everyone should help Mauer protest until his new contract is signed on the dotted line. An added bonus is the extra facial hair will help with the blustery weather at Target Field. It sounds like Mauer is going to shave off the beard this morning, but Twins Fans can help to push the Twins to sign him. I hope to see Target Field full of beards for Opening Day, unless a new contract is signed for Mr. Mauer.

Here is a look at some of the best facial hair in the history of MLB:

Johnny Damon (Maybe his Jesus look will be grown back now that he is not a Yankee)

Jeff Bagwell

Rollie Fingers

Scott Spiezio

Bruce Sutter


liltimmeo said...

You are an inspiration.

Betsy said...

I wouldn't mind seeing this from Joe either! it's the only time i find him attractive!

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Good thing you didn't post a photo of Nick The Swish Swisher and his bleached "souless" patch! That would make me shudder!

yukonbob7 said...

Rollie Fingers was pretty cool !!!!

NoDak Twins Fan said...

I wish I could grow a handle-bar like Rollie