Monday, February 15, 2010

The Top 5 Twins Prospects

One of the strengths for the Minnesota Twins is their ability to produce homegrown talent. The farm system of the Twins has been producing quality products over the past decade. This ability to groom young talent has led them to be the envy of many of the other teams in the majors. The biggest key to the Twins success has been their ability to rebound when their big name stars move on to higher paying markets. Even though this might be changing for the team as they move into Target Field.

1. Aaron Hicks OF- Hicks (see picture above) has quickly been moving his way up the Twins' minor league farm system since he was team's first round pick in 2008. He is a great athlete and plays gold-glove caliber defense. His hitting has been slowly improving and his ability to hit the ball to both gaps has been on the rise.

2. Wilson Ramos C- Ramos has been on the way up the prospect chain for the Twins over the past half of a decade. The one problem is that he plays a position that is currently held by the reigning AL MVP. If the Twins lock up Mauer to a long term deal, Ramos may become trade bait or he would have to change positions. With the injury to Jose Morales, Ramos might get the chance to make the trip to Target Field for Opening Day.

3. Kyle Gibson RHP- Gibson was the 22nd overall pick in the 2009 Draft. Experts had him placed in the top 10 prospects in the draft but he had an injury in his throwing arm that dropped him into the Twins' lap. Gibson has a lot of experience from the college level and hopefully this will translate into him become a big-time player on the major league stage.

4. Miguel Sano SS/3B- Sano was a highly sought after player this past season. Since he was coming from the international market, he was a free agent and the Twins did not have to draft him. The Twins did end up paying a hefty price ($3.15 million) but his talent level should be worth this amount in the end.

5. Ben Revere OF- Revere was the Twins' 2007 first round pick and he has been making his way towards the major league squad. The one problem is that there has been a log-jam on the major league team in the outfield. Revere still has a few years left that he will play in the minors to iron out all of his kinks. He needs a more time in the minor league system. He will begin the year at AA New Britain.

Other notable prospects: Danny Valencia 3B- Valencia has been touted the 3rd baseman of the future for the Twins. Depending on how the Twins are doing this season, he might make his major league debut with the team. He bats for power at a position that has been lackluster for the Twins since Corey Koskie left the team. He most likely will begin the season at AAA Rochester but every season he has worked his way to the next level.

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