Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Where's Jose Mijares?

As the Twins pitcher and catchers had their first workout on Monday there was only one player that was a no-show. Imagine that it would be the same player, Jose Mijares, that showed up to last Spring Training overweight and out of shape. He has caused numerous problems for the Twins last season. The most memorable was when he chucked a fastball behind the head of Adam Everett. The Tigers retaliated by plunking Delmon Young. Young exploded and had to be held back from attacking Mijares, his own teammate.

If Mijares doesn't show up, the Twins locker room might be in a better state of affairs. There is no room for a young hot head on a team that is trying to make a push for the World Series. He has performed decently on the field but one bad egg in a locker room can push a contending team out of contention. Just look at Milton Bradley with the Cubs last season. Hopefully he has a good excuse for being late. If not, there might be a few veterans that have a choice word or two for the young Mijares.

In honor everyone's favorite search and find book, Where's Waldo?, here is a new version: Where's Jose Mijares? Can you find him in the department store?

There has been an overwhelming response to my post yesterday (No Contract, No Shave Campaign). There has even been a Facebook Event, Beards for Mauer: No Contract, No Shave Campaign, created for the Campaign. Try to get all of your friends to join the fight. Hope to see everyone starting to grow out those beards in support of the push for Mauer's new contract.

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