Friday, March 19, 2010

The Arrival of the Season Tickets

In the movie Fever Pitch, the main character in his boxers chases down the delivery man in the middle of the sidewalk. His new season tickets are here and he waits for all of his friends to come over so they can open them together. All of them are excited to move on to a new season that is full of hope. They can forget about the heartache of the year before and focus on the new beginning that the dawn of a season brings.

There was a similar scene that occurred yesterday in the basement of a house in North Dakota. One roommate had been waiting all day for the other roommate to get home from work. When he did get home, each of them grabbed their cameras to mark this special occasion. The tickets were perfectly packaged in box full of graphics to get a person excited for Target Field. As they opened the box the sounds of an angelic choir filled the room.

The opening day tickets are huge and will most likely end up in a frame shortly after April 12. The rest of the tickets have pictures of various scenes that will be come the trademarks of Target Field: Minnie and Paul shaking hands over the river, the skyline of the city, the field lit up under the night sky. A new season is creeping ever closer. A season to focus on the dawn of a new era in Twins baseball. A new season full of hope.


Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Yay! Congratulations!

I am still waiting on pins and needles for mine...and giving the stink eye to my (fe)mail man.

NoDak Twins Fan said...

it's such an exciting time in Twins Territory. Getting the season tickets is just another exciting moment.