Monday, March 15, 2010

Blockbuster Trades: Mauer, Pujols, Howard

For the most part this has been a very calm Spring Training across Major League Baseball. There seems to be a calm in the air as team are enjoying the spring, because there hasn't been any steroid scandals from current players and there hasn't been any major contract signings (too bad for the Twins). This allows for a lot of other types of speculation to occur. If the big stars of the game aren't going to sign with their hometown team the next step is to try and trade them.

Over the weekend ESPN's Buster Olney brought up the idea that the Phillies have had internal discussions about the possibility of trading Ryan Howard to the Cardinals for Albert Pujols. This has been fully denied by the Phillies (Phillies GM Amaro denies swap talks) but the Phillies have already completed one monster trade this off-season, the Roy Halladay-Cliff Lee mega deal. Imagining them trying to push for another trade is not a far stretch of the imagination. Howard is from St. Louis and has always spoke fondly of the city. He was greatly very warmly during the 2009 All-Star Game in St. Louis.

This trade will probably never happen but what if there were another option on the table, Joe Mauer. A Pujols-Mauer-Howard trade sounds like it would only be possible for my fantasy baseball team the M&M Boys. Mauer in any National League line-up would be an enormous threat and any team in the majors would be crazy not to want the current AL MVP. The logistics of this trade would be a nightmare for any GM. Bill Smith has already lost hours of sleep with the contract talks surrounding Mauer so opportunity to trade those problems away might be intriguing.

Do I want Mauer to be traded? No. I would like to see Mauer be an old man that hops out on only one leg to bat in the DH spot at Target Field. But in a spring with little to talk about there is always room for a little speculation.

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