Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Delmon Young Diet

"Nice catch fatty," would be shouted from the seats of the Metrodome as Delmon Young huffs and puffs his way under a fly ball. I will be the first to admit that I have been a harsh critic of Delmon Young since he was traded to the Twins from the Devil Rays in 2007. He came to the Twins haunted by a troubled past that included the famous bat throwing incident in the minor leagues. The Twins gave up their shortstop, Jason Bartlett, and one of their young flamethrowers, Matt Garza. Twins fans were unable to cope with the loss of these players because the season following their departure both Bartlett and Garza were prominent figures on a team in the World Series. While the Twins were left with an overweight outfielder that had "potential."

So where does Delmon Young stand currently? He has shown brief glimpses of the bat that the Twins were hoping to get in this trade. He was suppose to be the right-handed complement to left-handed power bats of Mauer and Morneau. According to multiple reports from Spring Training (Young stars beget lofty dreams, Big things are expected of Delmon Young), it sounds like this could be the year for Young to break out with a monster showing. He arrived at camp as a slimmed down player with a different outlook on the season. He lost 35 pounds on the Delmon Young Diet (trademark pending) and hopefully won't have to hear snickers from the crowd at Target Field.

There is always speculation before a season about who will perform up to their potential. Delmon Young has given Twins fans short glimpses of what could be, but he has never put it all together for one season. He seems to be ready to forget about the past and push for a new future that looks bright. Hopefully his time is now, but going on a diet never hurt anyone...

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