Thursday, March 11, 2010

Floating Realignment??? I think not...

Yesterday, the buzz in the baseball world came from an article written on by Tom Verducci (Selig, committee considering radical realignment plan). All of the attention was brought to this subject because it would be a radical shift in the baseball world. The concept of the plan is that teams would not be permanently assigned to a division. Teams would have the option at the end of every season if they wanted to move from division to division.

So in a sense the teams are floating and can float from division to division depending on if the team wants to try and qualify for the playoffs or not. Some teams might choose the division that they are in because they know they can't qualify for the playoffs in the upcoming season. The reason for this would be so smaller market teams could draw higher attendances from the big market teams and this would increase their revenue. There is much more to this weird and quirky plan so check out some of these other articles (Realignment idea spurs discussion, Break up the (AL) East).

Overall, this plan won't work in favor of the Twins. From the discussions that have been out there many mid-market teams would choose to join the AL Central. This would give these new teams an advantage because the AL Central is perceived to be a weak division (Most sources are predicting the winner of the division to finish with a .500 record this season). MLB is trying to fix something that isn't broken. If they want more competitive balance, the solution should be to switch to revenue sharing like the NFL uses. The big market teams of NY, LA, Boston, and Chicago wouldn't be in favor of this plan. But if competitive balance is what MLB is striving for the NFL has a model that has proven to work.

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