Thursday, March 4, 2010

Forgetting the Past...

For the players there are going to be butterflies in their stomachs and nerves that might be hard to shake. But the first game of Spring Training is finally here. The first action for the Minnesota Twins since their unbelievable run into the post-season that was abruptly stopped by the future World Series Champs, the dreaded Yankees.

The new season has come and it is time to move on from the past.

For Nick Punto to forget about his baserunning error in Game 3 of the ALDS.

For Joe Nathan to forget about his postseason pitching woes.

For Justin Morneau to forget about the back injury that kept him out of the Twins miraculous stretch run.

For Pat Neshek to overcome the elbow injury that has plagued him for the parts of two seasons.

For Delmon Young to get beyond his past that has been shrouded in trouble.

For a young, up and coming pitching staff to show the potential that has been locked inside.

For Joe Mauer to forget about all of the media pressure that is surrounding his new contract and the possibility of free agency.

One of the most important parts of sports is being able to forget about the things that are lurking in your past. Athletes face the daunting task of trying to overcome many aspects and the mental strain that comes from failure can be unbearable. The greatest athletes are able to conquer any obstacles that are in their path and use the mistakes of their past to create a better athlete within themselves.

So the first game of Spring Training will allow many on the team to get a fresh start. To throw a few coins in the fountain outside of Hammond Stadium and wish for the hope of a new beginning. A new beginning that starts with forgetting about the past.

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