Friday, March 12, 2010

O-Dog: The new Twins comedian

When the Twins signed Orlando Hudson this off-season there were many qualities that made him an excellent choice to join the organization. He will provide a veteran presence at the top of the line-up, he will add stability at a position that has been constantly changing, and he will provide leadership inside and outside of the club house.

One quality that has been following Hudson, the O-Dog as he has been known, is his reputation as a funny guy. In the MLB Channel's 30 Clubs in 30 Days special, they had the O-Dog mic-ed up and he had a lot of funny comments. Here is a link to the Twins 30 in 30 clip on the MLB Site (Minnesota Twins: 30 in 30). Hudson already seems to be fitting in with the veterans on the team and the young players. My favorite line from him is when he talking to Tony Oliva about not wanting to bat in the same group as Mauer. It's funny stuff.

One player that I was uphappy to see leave the Twins after the stretch run last year was Orlando Cabrera. He seemed to fit in well with the players on the team and provided a good bat in front of Mauer. It seems that the Twins' new Orlando will have to slide into that same role of batting in front the AL MVP and providing a good laugh for the team when they need it. Not a bad job to have on a contending team.

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Sarah said...

I will admit that I just sort of want to hear what other teams might offer, hypothetically. Then I want to hear Bill Smith laughing haughtily at them.