Monday, March 1, 2010

PFP, the circus of spring training

With Jesse Sanchez writing over the weekend about PFP (Pitchers fielding practice is a rite of spring), it brought to mind that one of the highlights for any fan to watch during spring training is the ritual of pitchers taking PFP or pitchers fielding practice. This is where pitchers work on one part of their game that gets ignored during the regular season, their defense.

As a fan this was great to watch because the players have a lot of fun going through these different routines. At Lee County Sports Complex, the Twins have a smaller field for the pitchers to work on. Whether it is Tom Kelly or Ron Gardenhire hitting grounders there is always laughter being heard as the team works through the kinks of the preseason. There is even punishment, usually running, for the players that do something wrong. It can seem like a circus at times but there is a lot of different things that the team is working on during PFP.

During the season, Bert Blyleven will make more than one mention of how the pitchers are the best athletes on the team. This can be true with some of the plays that the pitchers have to make. Late in the season there may be a play that a pitcher makes and it can all be referenced back to the PFP sessions from Spring Training. If a player doesn't make the play, they might just look like another clown at the circus.

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