Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pressure on Span

Since the departure of Torii Hunter, the Twins have been trying to piece together their outfield. The heir-apparent to Mr. Hunter in center field was suppose to be Denard Span. In the first year that Hunter left, the Twins had traded Johan Santana and got Carlos Gomez in return. Gomez was given the position out of Spring Training and Span was left to work at AAA. This acquisition didn't work out in the Twins favor and Gomez was traded to the Brewers this off season. This leaves the Twins outfield set for the upcoming season with Delmon Young in left, Michael Cuddyer in right, and Denard Span in center.

The Twins had a lot of depth in the outfield down the stretch last season. There were many games that some of the outfielders would shift around and play different positions to get the best lineup on the field. Most of this depth will be gone for the upcoming season. The only outfielder that won't be playing defensively on a regular basis is Jason Kubel. Kubel is a decent outfielder but lacks some of the range and throwing abilities of the other players.

This leaves a lot of pressure on one player, Span, that has only played a season and a half in the big leagues. For the Twins to succeed, Span needs to play as well or better then he did last season. The Twins plan B for centerfield is putting Nick Punto or Brendan Harris there. Which doesn't sound too promising. If an injury occurred to Span an outfield of Kubel, Cuddyer, and Young would be full of holes for the opposing team to drop hits into. Reports from Spring Training make it sound like Span is excited to play only one position this year. Here's hoping he can play all 162 games there this season (or 163 games if the Twins are involved).

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