Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Retirement of Joe Nathan

It might be a little premature but Joe Nathan's recent run-in with an elbow problem could spell doom for the rest of his career. At 35 years old Nathan is no spry chicken. If things go the way that it sounds it will, he will have to have Tommy John surgery. This surgery has a minimum of 18 months of recovery time. He would miss most of the parts of two seasons. Most likely at his age the recovery time would be longer.

The Twins are going to move on and they have to move on. The Twins have to find a closer and it sounds like they are on their way. Whether it is Matt Guerrier (Guerrier's got the closer's fire), Fransisco Liriano (Liriano's mindset is to start), or some other candidate. One of these athletes will fill the role and Nathan is going to find himself out of a job by the time that he recovers.

It's sad to say that at 35 years old that a person's career could be over. Nathan could possibly be facing this early exit from his professional baseball career. Twins fans need to get use to the idea that Nathan won't be coming out of the bullpen at Target Field. It is too bad that his career might be over after his 2009 post-season. Those games might haunt him for the rest of his life. It's a sad end for the best closer in Twins history.

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