Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Twins New Front Office Strategy

The Twins have always been able to be one of the best small market teams for a number of reasons. They have an excellent scouting department that is able to find talent in players that other teams may overlook. The scouting department can always find players to fit the roles that the team needs at any particular time. The front office of the Twins has been able to spend money wisely and keep a highly competitive team on the field. The Pohlad family has always run the Twins as a business. This might have driven Twins fans crazy but it was a strategy and a formula that has worked for the franchise.

The Twins are entering a new era of baseball in Minnesota. Gone are the days of trying to cut payroll to make the next year's budget. The Twins have spent enough money this off-season to push them from a small market team to the upper edge of the highest payrolls in baseball. The team has also taken on a new strategy in relation to long-term contracts. In the past week or so the Twins have locked up some of their young talent to long-term deals. Most notably would be Denard Span and Nick Blackburn (Span signing shows Twins willing to make bold moves). This is also a paradigm shift from the way that former GM Terry Ryan ran the Twins ship (Being in a ballpark is Ryan's chosen spot).

Bill Smith, the current GM of the Twins, has brought the Twins to a momentous turning point in the franchise. The Twins have had the successful formula for being a small market team that can compete with the big market squads. The Twins front office is trying out a new formula now and this change could lead to positives or negatives for the future Twins. There are many questions left to be answered.

~What will happen if this new formula doesn't work?

~Are these long-term contracts for young players a good idea?

~Should the focus still be on the Twins farm system and their ability to build players?

~Should the Twins focus more on free agents and signing the players that are already part of the team?

~Will all of these questions be answered? Only time will tell...


weareoffthemark said...

FanGraphs had an interesting take on this. If the nation pulls out of this recession within the next couple years, the cost of players will go up. However, with these contracts in place, the Twins will avoid arbitration with Blackburn and Span, thus avoiding them making more money than what their contracts will pay them. A couple years from now, these may be some very shrewd signings.

NoDak Twins Fan said...

We will certainly see what the future will bring