Thursday, May 27, 2010

A bush league move by the Yankees

It was despicable to watch the Yankees and Joe Girardi run through the circus that they did in the bottom of the ninth last night.

To give a quick recap of what happened:
1. The Yankees took a one-run lead on a Nick Swisher go-ahead home run in the top of the ninth with two outs.
2. Miriano Rivera didn't have enough time to get warmed up after the above happened.
3. Girardi sent Andy Pettitte to the mound to take his warm-up pitches.
4. As soon as Pettitte had completed his warm-up throws the Yankees made the call to the pen to bring in the now warmed up Rivera.

This is one rule that Major League Baseball needs to take a look at. If a pitcher takes his warm-up pitches at the beginning of an inning, then he should have to face at least one batter (unless there is an injury). MLB continues to focus on the speed of games (Selig looks to speed up pace of games). If the Yankees are allowed to complete bush league moves like this, there is no wonder why people complain about the pace of games. The umpires on the field need to be in charge of policing these efforts from MLB. If the Yankees try and pull a move like this, DON'T LET THEM. Refuse to make the substitution and make Pettitte stay in the game.

This obviously wasn't the only reason the Twins lost the game last night (Gardenhire grouses about Yankees pitching change). There were plenty of missed opportunities that caused the Twins to come up on the short end of the game. The entire spectacle by Girardi and the Yankees just gives more fuel to the Yankee hater fire.

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