Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Time for the Twins to show up against the AL

The Twins and Yankees are pitted against each other tonight for the first time at Target Field. The Twins have a lot to prove after their lack-luster showing at Yankee Stadium last week. The Twins need to show the rest of the American League that they can hang with the big dogs (the Yankees and the Rays). Right now the rest of the American League doesn't have to take the Twins seriously because they can't win big games on the road. When it comes to playoff time, you need to be able to win big games on the road. Right now the Twins don't have the ability to do this against the best teams in the AL.

Joe Mauer (pictured above) and Justin Morneau (Morneau carrying Twins offense early in the year) need to continue their offensive output from the beginning of the season. The Twins bullpen has been shaky to say the least and with a lineup like the Yankees, the pitching needs to be outstanding for the next three games. If the bullpen isn't there it might be the first time the Twins get swept at Target Field.

Hopefully the Twins come together and keep up their winning ways at Target Field. Some of the magic of the Metrodome has transferred to the new field. Let's hope it continues...

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