Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Came All the Way from North Dakota for this...

Check out this piece from Howard Sinker called Cheated by the lineup this will give you a good idea of how I felt about going to Target Field on Sunday.

I brought my parents and my sister to Target Field for the first time on Sunday. They were excited to tour the stadium for the first time and check out all the aspects that they had heard so much about. I was excited too because I love being able to show people around the Twins' beautiful home.

During the middle of my self-guided tour with my family I glanced at the line-up on the board and had to do a double take. Really.... Punto batting lead-off, Mauer is only DHing. This is going to be a long day.

I was more upset for my family. They get their first Target Field experience and it is most of the line-up from Rochester on the field. I understand the need for rest but it is hard to get excited as a fan with that line-up taking the field.

The other person I was upset for was Kevin Slowey. Poor guy shows up at the field to find out that the scrubs are in the game for the day. Bet it was hard for him to get fired up with that team behind him. That definitely showed with the performance he put out there. It also didn't help that Drew Butera couldn't even catch some of the pitches from Slowey. If I was Slowey, I would have wanted to get pulled out of that game as soon as possible too.

It was great to get to show the family around Target Field. But I can't believe I drove all the way from North Dakota for that line-up to be in the game...

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