Monday, July 12, 2010

Detroit: A Twins Train Diary

There are so many things to cover about my trip on board the Twins Train. I am going to break up my posts over the next couple days. Today I am going to talk about the trip itself. In the upcoming days I will write about Comerica Park, how the Twins looked going into the All-Star break, and I will post some pictures from the trip.

The trip began in a Walmart parking lot in Vadnais Heights, MN at 1:30 AM. As we assembled there the 25+ Twins Fans began to mingle about to get to know each other a little before the 12 hour bus ride. On the way to Motor City there was a lot of sleeping. But we did get to see some of the Chicago skyline and we went past the White Sox Stadium, US Cellular Field. This place looked like a dump compared to Target Field.

We arrived in Detroit at the Hotel St. Regis. If you are ever in Detroit avoid this hotel. It was an overall bad experience. The employees were hard to deal with and this made it difficult. There were some positives: The hotel was very clean and in a "nice" section of town. Thankfully this didn't detract from the rest of the fun that was had on the trip.

The first game was Friday night. The Train arrived early enough to explore around the stadium. That was fun and it is a beautiful stadium. I will talk about the stadium and our experiences there in my post tomorrow. Justin Verlander pitched very well that evening and Francisco Liriano pitched the opposite of that so the Twins lost 7-3. After the game the Twins Train convened on the roof of the Hockey Town restaurant and bar. This was a wonderful time and there was great views of the stadium from this location.

The second day allowed the Twins Train more time to explore the city of Detroit. We drove around to a variety of areas of the city to see: Joe Louis Arena, the GM Building, Greektown, etc. Before the Saturday game the Twins Train gathered at Cheli's Chili Bar for a few refreshments. As soon as the gates were open the Twins Train moved into the Tiger Club for a VIP buffet experience. The food was the most amazing I have ever had in a buffet style setting. There were table upon table of food. Needless to say we didn't go hungry that day.

The game was another disappointment for the Twins. Nick Blackburn got burned for four home runs and that put the Twins in a hole that they couldn't climb out of. The final score was 7-4.

After the game on Saturday we went down to the Greektown area of Detroit. As we asked people around town this seemed like the place to go for bars, restaurants, clubs, and casinos. Members of the Twins Train spread out to a variety of areas and everyone had a great time.

Overall the Twins Train was an amazing experience. If you haven't heard about the Twins Train check out their website (Twins Train) or their Twitter Account (Twins Train). The Twins Train Crew puts on a great trip that every Twins fan would love. There are still other trips to attend this season, so pack your bags and hop on the Twins Train.

I know that I will be a repeat traveler on the Twins Train in the future. I can't wait for my next trip!!!

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Sooze said...

I had such a great time on this trip, I'm really looking forward to another opportunity to check out another rival stadium and meet other Twins fans. Great write-up!!