Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Glen Perkins sighting

The conversations this fourth of July weekend on boats and lakes across Twins Territory focused on what the Twins need to do to snap out of the slump they currently find themselves in. As I was getting severely sunburned, my buddies and I brought up the fact that we hadn't heard much from Glen Perkins this season. I quickly did some research on my phone and found a Glen Perkins sighting.

Over the weekend Perkins was sighted and sighted pitching a very good game. He gave up only three its in 6+ innings pitched (Red Wings' Perkins shuts down Bison). This was a good bounce back game for Perkins. He had given up six earned runs in each of his last four starts.

One prominent change in the game this weekend was that Perkins kept the ball in the ballpark. He had given up seven home runs in his last four starts. Giving up home runs has been an issue for Perkins during his career. During his time with the Twins last season he gave up 13 home runs in 96.1 innings pitched. If he wants to continue to develop and become a threat in the majors he is going to need to cut down on the long balls.

Hopefully this is a good sign for a player that could add some bite to the bullpen in the second half of the season. The Twins are going to need some pitching help in the stretch run and an improved Glen Perkins could help.

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Guitarman said...

I don't think Perkins would be much help as a starter right now. Manship would be great if one of the starters got hurt and is great in long relief. The Twins just gave 2 games away to the Rays because of bad relief pitching. They really need a healthy Neshek and Nathan and since they're not going to get that, I predict a long and dissappointing 2nd half. Unless the starters can go to the 8th inning or they find a golden bullet in minors who can overpower in the late innings.