Saturday, August 14, 2010

The evolution of the piranha

In 2006, Ozzie Guillen famously gave the Twins a nickname, "The piranhas." At that point the team played a style of baseball that was very fitting of this title. They bunted, used sacrifices, and played solid fundamental baseball. The Twins would slowly eat away at a team until they had won, hence the piranha nickname.

During this week's series with the White Sox, Guillen said that the Twins are no longer worthy of this nickname because their style of play has changed (Twins no longer piranhas). This quote came the day after the Twins had mashed the White Sox for five home runs and a 12-6 win.

So what should the Twins new nickname be?

Guillen had a few options for a new nickname for the Twins.

1. Killer Bees: This seems too close to piranhas. So I don't think it is a viable option.

2. Sharks (I think he chose this in honor of Shark Week on the Discovery Channel): This choice seems to be just a larger version of the piranhas. I think it was Guillen's way of saying that the current Twins roster is fat. Which could be true. The Twins have been doing a lot less base stealing this season. But when your team is 1st in batting average and 1st in hits, you can move the players around the bases with hits and not steals.

There has to be a nickname to describe the team that continues to pester their nemesis from the South Side of Chicago.

Other animal nicknames to describe the Twins:

1. The rhinos- This name fits because some of the Twins have looked like rhinos on the basepaths. Exhibit A: Jason Kubel's baserunning blunder in the first inning last night. Other players such as Jim Thome act as a rhino on the basepaths and cause the Twins to get away from their piranha style of play.

2. The grizzly bears- A very fitting name for the wilderness side of Minnesota. This name could fit because there have been games, such as the above mentioned thumping of the Sox, that the Twins have come out and mawled the other team. I am sure that the Twins mascot TC would be proud to have his team related to him.

3. The mosquitoes - A very common occurrence in the Minnesota/North Dakota area. The comparison between this and the piranhas are evident. Both of these creatures are annoying and they're out for blood. Granted both of them are out for blood on different levels.

My choice...... The wolf pack

This name originated from the famous speech made by Zach Galifianakis in the movie The Hangover (See video clip below). Why does this nickname work? First of all, gray wolves and timber wolves are common in the forested northern regions of Minnesota. Second, a wolf can strike fast like a piranha but also has more power that is hidden inside.

The Twins still have players that fit the piranha style of play but there are other styles of play with the Twins as well. They are a wolf pack out on the prowl. They are working as a team and looking for any foes that care to stand in their way. A wolf pack...

The Hangover - One Man Wolf Pack Speech

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I think they should be call "who's on First" no he's on Third