Friday, August 6, 2010

Matt Capps' Wild Ride

Matt Capps has had quite the ride over the last week. He has gone from a team with no chance of making the playoffs to a team that is in the thick of the playoff hunt. Besides all the craziness involved in switching teams and jumping to a new league, Capps has also been involved in quite a wide array of game situations.

Appearance #1 (July 30 vs. SEA)
The day after being traded Capps arrived at Target Field and found himself in a new uniform. He looked as advertised and pitched his first save in the American League. It was a whirl wind day. Flying half way across the country, getting aquatinted with a new team, and picking up a save for a team fighting for first place. All in a days work...

Appearance #2 (Aug. 3 vs. TB)
Capps needed some work so Gardenhire decided to put him in the game in a non-save situation. This didn't turn out quite as planned. He didn't make it through an entire inning. In 2/3rd's of an inning Capps gave up one hit and two walks. Not exactly getting the job done.

Appearance #3 (Aug. 4 vs. TB)
New day. New Game. Capps was back in a save situation against a first place team. The pressure was on. Wait what are the outfielders doing. All of a sudden they can't catch fly balls. Scott Baker pitched great and Capps couldn't close it out. His first blown save in the American League. Two bad appearances in a row. Here's hoping the next one goes better...

Appearance #4 (Aug. 5 vs. TB)
Another close game against the Rays. Appearing in a game for the third day in a row. Entering in a tie game. First time Capps has had to pitch over one inning in the American League. Kubel hits a single off the roof at Tropicana Field. He gets his first win for the Twins. Crazy game.

Capps has had quite the wild ride in his first week as a member of the Twins. One save, one interesting non-save, one blown save, and one win. Here's hoping there are more save situations coming. And a lot less drama.

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