Monday, August 16, 2010

Slowey vs. Jackson no-hit comparison

Well it was fun while it lasted...

7 innings of no hit baseball from a very unlikely candidate, Kevin Slowey. Slowey was not dominate in this outing by far. There were walks, a hit batter, and only a handful of strikeouts.

Very reminiscent of the no hitter that was thrown by Edwin Jackson earlier this year for the Arizona Diamonbacks. He is currently a member of the White Sox. In his no hit outing he had to pitch 149 pitches and he allowed 8 walks. Slowey might have needed as many pitches as Jackson to finish his no hit bid. And there is no guarantee that Slowey would have gotten the job done.

The Diamondbacks are playing for anything important this year. Jackson offered this team and their fans a moment to remember and cherish. Slowey is pitching for a team in the heat of pennent race. There is no way that Slowey was going to be completing his no-hit bid. The Twins roation could have been thrown off for the next week and a half. With the injury to Jose Mijares the Twins can't afford to lose another pitcher to the DL. Slowey was coming off of 9 days rest because of some elbow problems. His arm was fresh but there still was no decision that needed to be made for Ron Gardenhire. He had to pull Slowey and let the bullpen take care of the rest of the game.

There are some other striking comparisons between the Slowey no-hit bid and the no-hitter thrown by Edwin Jackson.
By looking at the graphs above there are a variety of things that make these two pitching performances seem very similar. Enter the late innings in the game both players had a 1-0 lead. There were double plays and defensive brilliance behind the pitcher that helped to preserve the no-hit bid. There were walks, home runs and both games weren't decided until the very end.

It was a great moment for Jackson to get his no-hitter. It would have been great for Slowey to have the same kind of moment. The better moment for Slowey would be to help lead the Twins on a deep run into the postseason. A win in the World Series is going to be more memorable than a regular season no-hitter.

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