Monday, September 6, 2010

Ben Revere: A Twins accident waiting to happen

There have been a lot of weird injuries in baseball history. This is also true for the history of the Minnesota Twins. Here is a run-down of some weird injuries that have plagued the Twins.

David Foster was a member of the Gulf Coast League Twins when he was making a phone call. Lightning hit the phone line and zapped him. His season and his career in baseball was over.

As general manager of the Twins, Terry Ryan made many scouting trips in his life. On one of these scouting trips he was sitting behind the backstop. A back broke, got through the backstop, and struck him in the forehead.

At the end of the 1990 season Kent Hrbek missed the last week and a half of the season. He was wrestling with the clubhouse attendant and sprained his ankle.

When Terry Mulholland pitched for the Twins he woke up with an eye injury. His eye had been scratched by a feather from the pillow he had been sleeping on.

Last season Carlos Gomez got into a fight. The problem was the fight was with a revolving door at the Metrodome. The door won and Gomez had to get stitches in his forehead.

Even with all of these weird injuries, there is a new call-up for the Twins that has quite an interesting season with his appearances on the injury report. Ben Revere was the Twins first round pick in the 2007 MLB Draft. Here is a run-down of the injuries that have been a part of Revere's wild ride to the majors this season.

1. During a bullpen session Revere stood in against pitcher David Bromberg. Bromberg proceeded to hit him in the knee.

2. Revere tried to break up a double play earlier this season. His reward for doing this was a knee to the head. Luckily this injury didn't end like Justin Morneau's did earlier this season.

3. Revere tried to avoid a tag at home plate by sliding head first. The catcher spiked Revere on the hand and caused him to get stitches.

4. The most serious of the injuries occurred a little over a month ago. Revere was hit in the face with a fastball. He made a speedy recovery and will wear a batting helmet with a face mask for the rest of the season.

Revere seems to be an accident waiting to happen. His luck has changed and he is now a member of the major league squad. Hopefully he doesn't bring the weird injury bug with him.


The Common Man said...

Don't forget about Rick Aguilera getting hurt carrying his luggage at the airport in 1996.

NoDak Twins Fan said...

I wanted to mention Marty Cordova and his sunburn injury but that was with Baltimore.