Thursday, September 9, 2010

MLB/NFL team comparison

As the NFL season ended in the beginning of February I wrote a post about the return of MLB (Goodbye NFL, Welcome back MLB). Now the time of year has come to welcome back the NFL. As a big baseball fan it is hard for me to shift my focus to the NFL. I have fantasy football teams and I am in a pick'em league but I still don't get too involved in the NFL season until the Twins have been eliminated.

In the midst of a tight AL Central race it is tough to for me to turn my attention to the NFL. Luckily the Twins have a night off as the Saints and Vikings kick off the season tonight. Another problem might be the fact that I am a Buffalo Bills fan and there is usually not too much to be excited about with my team.

So in honor of the kick off to NFL Season 2010, here is a comparison of NFL teams and the MLB team that corresponds with them. Maybe these two sports aren't that different after all.

1. New York Yankees=Dallas Cowboys Both of these teams have an interesting dynamic with fans of their sport. If you are a baseball fan you either love the Yankees or you hate them. The same can be said for the Cowboys. Both teams have won multiple championships. Their stadiums are cathedrals to the game. I dislike both of these teams. The Twins haven't been able to beat the Yankees in the playoffs and the Bills couldn't get by the Cowboys in the Super Bowl.

2. Chicago Cubs=Minnesota Vikings Both of these teams seemed to be cursed when it comes to the postseason. The Vikings have had heartbreaks in the NFC Championship game and the Super Bowl in the past. The Cubs have continued to struggle and haven't be relevant in the playoffs since the Bartman Ball in the 2003 NLCS.

3. Pittsburgh Pirates=Detroit Lions Both of these teams are really bad. They each have very nice stadiums but that still doesn't translate to wins on the field. They each have young players that are trying to make their mark on the game. The unfortunate thing is that both teams won't be making that mark on the game in the foreseeable future.

4. Tampa Bay Rays=New Orleans Saints Both teams have been feel good stories for their individual sports. The Saints have helped their city in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The Rays have proven that they can play with the big boys in the AL East. They each made surprise runs in recent post-season play.

5. Boston Red Sox=Indianapolis Colts Both of these teams have fans across the country. Red Sox Nation has grown as they have multiple championships in the last decade. The Colts have also grown in popularity as they marched to Super Bowl title in the 2006 season. There are also nationally known players on both teams. Peyton Manning, Dustin Pedroia, and Kevin Youkilis are the faces of these franchises.

The hardest comparison to make was the team that should correspond with the Minnesota Twins. My favorite NFL team is the Buffalo Bills. That connection would not do justice for the Twins because the Bills have been bad for most of a decade. At the same time the Twins have continually been in the playoffs. I tried to find an NFL team that has been in the playoffs a lot in recent years but hasn't made it to the big game/series. To me the best example of that would be the San Diego Chargers. Both teams been very good during the regular season but have failed to perform in post-season play. Each of them have stars that are faces of the franchise. Each team has a history of ups and downs and has famous players in their past.

So that's my pick for the best NFL team that corresponds with the Twins. Let me know what you think.

Check out my picks in the NFL "Experts" Picks. There are a lot of current Twins, Twins prospects, and other bloggers involved. It should be a fun season.
This is also back to back posts that I have mentioned the Pirates. It's September and the Pirates are irrelevant.


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