Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Twins AL Central Champs: A Professional Celebration

There is a celebration on the horizon with the possibility of the Twins clinching the AL Central Division as soon as tonight. There have been some great celebrations in recent memory when the Twins clinched the division at home.

In 2006 thousands of fans stayed long after the Twins game had finished to watch Royals come back and beat the Tigers in extra-innings. The team exploded out of the dugout and mobbed each other around the pitchers mound. Then the team proceeded to run a lap around the field to high five the fans that had stayed to support them. It was the greatest moment in sports that I have been in attendance for.

In 2009 the Twins were in familiar territory. It was the second year in a row that the team had been part of a tie breaking game 163. The season before had ended in heartbreak with a lose to the hated White Sox. This ending would be different. After a back and forth game Alexi Casilla would drive in Carlos Gomez with the winning run. Gomez (pictured above) would jump up and slam his helmet down in excitement. It was a game that Sports Illustrated would call the best regular season game of the decade. The team would take another lap around the field to thank the fans for their support. Short of a World Series victory, it was the perfect way to take the Metrodome out in style.

Even though those celebrations were great, it is time for a change. The 2010 Twins should approach their division title with more style and professionalism. By doing this the Twins will be showing that they have much more to prove the rest of this season. The Twins can be excited for what they have accomplished over a long and grueling season. But a lap around the field isn't necessary. Tip your hat to the fans, go into the locker room, celebrate, and get ready for postseason play.

The AL Central title will not be the last celebration at Target Field this season.

If the Twins want to take a lap around the field after they win the World Series, be my guest.

If the Twins clinch the ALCS on the road and there is a crowd waiting for them at Target Field reminiscent of 1987, that is fine.

The Twins' list of goals to accomplish is longer for this season. A division title is not enough and the celebration should follow the ideal of professionalism.

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