Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Forgetting the Past: Playoff Edition

At the beginning of every season there is one word that surrounds every team... hope. It doesn't matter if your team finished in last place the season before or if you are the defending World Series champions; there is always hope. Everyone is tied for first place.

At the commencement of the Twins Spring Training, I wrote a post about the Twins needing to forget about the past (Forgetting the Past...). In it I wrote around the major theme of forgetting about the playoff blunders of the previous season and focusing on the hope that a new season can bring.

The Twins are at the dawn of another new season. The one season of the year that everyone will remember. A decade from now I will remember a lot about this season. The first time I visited Target Field for the Season Ticket Holder Open House. The Opening Day that I spent with three of my best friends. But the one thing that could overshadow all of this is a World Series crown. Those are the moments you remember for a lifetime. Kirby Puckett's catch and homerun in Game 6. One of the best pitching performances in World Series history by Jack Morris in Game 7.

The Twins have had their struggles in the playoffs but this isn't the teams of yesteryear. This is a team comprised of veterans at many positions, an experienced pitching staff, and the best bullpen depth in the game. With all of these elements there can be nothing but hope for the AL Central Champions.

The Twins are on the cusp of greatness. Greatness that is found by the first team to win 11 games over the next month.

The first game of the 2010 ALDS will allow many on the team to get a fresh start. To wish for the hope of a new beginning. A new beginning that starts with forgetting about the past... again.

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