Monday, October 4, 2010

Morneau's Season Over

It was fun while it lasted.

Justin Morneau had been training, taking swings in the cages, and fielding at first base without any set-backs. He told reporters that he hoped to be ready for the ALCS (Morneau takes BP, aims for ALCS return). I was at the game on Saturday and watch Morneau spray balls all over the outfield at Target Field. It was really something exciting to see.

There had been speculation over the past couple days as to what Morneau's role would be on the team in the postseason. Could he be a pinch-hitting threat off of the bench? Would he be able to play first base? Who would sit out if Morneau was able to come back? There was much debate that had been made by Twins bloggers.

All of that came to an end on Monday. Bill Smith announced that Justin Morneau's 2010 season has come to an end (Twins' Justin Morneau will miss entire postseason).

As a Twins fan there were a few things I thought about a possible Morneau return. First of all, I thought it would be a boost to the team to see him sitting on the bench knowing that he could enter the game at anytime. Even if he didn't get in the game, I think he would have helped the team by knowing he was a option for them. It would have been fun for the Twins to have a slugger to bring in for late inning heroics. Almost like Kirk Gibson coming limping out to the field for the Dodgers, except without the limp.

Second, I think Justin needed to feel like he was part of the team's run in the postseason. He hasn't been in the line-up for the entire second half of the season. If the Twins do make a run in postseason play, he will want to feel like he contributed something.

But it wasn't in the cards this season.

Morneau's life and health come before the 2010 team and season.

Get better Justin.

You can help us defend our title in 2011.

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