Friday, October 1, 2010

My Top Moments at Target Field in 2010

It has been an historic season for the Twins in 2010 at Target Field. There has been something magical in the air that has been with the team since Opening Day.

I have been lucky enough to be present for a handful of these moments. Below you will see my countdown of the top 5 moments that I was in attendance for in the Twins first season in their new home.

#5 Cox pulls the suicide squeeze out of his bag of tricks, June 12th
It was a great call by a legendary manager, Bobby Cox, in his final season. I still couldn't believe it when I saw it. My jaw dropped. It was executed to perfection and it cost the Twins the game. It is still a beautiful baseball play.

#4 King Felix gets no runs and Ichiro strikes out 3 times, July 31st
Felix Hernandez got no runs in support of his outing. That wasn't the memorable moment because that happened to Hernandez all season. The memorable moment was the fact that Ichiro Suzuki struck out three times against the Twins pitching staff. He hardly ever strikes out so seeing it three times was something I will never forget. The Twins won the game and it helped that my cousin was there because he is a Mariners fan.

#3 Valencia's Carries the Team, September 18th
The Twins won 4-2 on the strength of Danny Valencia's homerun and three RBI's. One of his biggest games in his rookie campaign. Eight seasons from now this might be one of those games that I look back on and brag to my friends and family about how I was there.

#2 Thome's bash off the flag pole, September 6th
As soon as it left the bat it looked like it might never land. Fans on the plaza were ready to catch the ball but something stood in the way. The tallest flag pole at Target Field. It was Labor Day and Jim Thome had hit the American flag pole that use to reside at Metropolitan Stadium. The Twins won the game 5-4 so the homerun was a difference maker on this day.

#1 (dots added for dramatic effect)
Opening Day, April 12
There are no words to describe how amazing it was to be there. It will be etched in my mind for the rest of my life. Check out this video of my best friends and I from Opening Day and you can share in our experience. A local news station followed us around to get our perspective on the historic day.

The only moment that could top it... A World Series Championship

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NoDak Twins Fan said...

I would have to add Alexi Casilla's walk-off hit against the Blue Jays to the list now too. It was an exciting 9th inning at Target Field this weekend.