Wednesday, October 20, 2010

NCIS Baseball Dialogue

A reference to baseball was made last night on one of America's most popular shows, NCIS.  I thought it was pretty good so the dialogue is listed below from the conversation.  A quick note on the characters involved in the scene.  The first character to speak is Special Agent Timothy McGee.  He is discussing instant replay in baseball with Special Agent Anthony (Tony) DiNozzo.  Probationary NCIS Agent Ziva David enters the scene shortly.  She is originally from Israel so the two men feel she know little about America's past-time.  The last character to enter is Senior Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

(Elevator door opens and DiNozzo and McGee exit)

McGee:  Tony it's the world we live in.  The time has come to embrace change with open arms or we risk further controversy in scoring.

DiNozzo: For once I think you might be right.  You have change my McMind and I thank you Tim.

Ziva: Tony, have you been drinking?

DiNozzo: No (blows into his hand to smell his breathe) Why?

Ziva:  I could have swore that I just heard you thank McGee?

DiNozzo:  I appreciate his insight.

Ziva:  On what?

DiNozzo:  Baseball.

McGee: Specifically the implementation of instant replay in baseball.  We have the technology, why not use it?

DiNozzo:  Bad calls hurt everyone.

Ziva:  I do not know which is more disturbing the fact that you both agree on something or that McGee is a fan of a sport.

McGee:  It's not just that I am a fan Ziva it is also that... I'm...

DiNozzo (cutting McGee off):  AMERICAN.  Alive.  It's October, Ziva.  Reggie Jackson is Mr. October.  Baseball has seeped into the native consciousness of this country.

Ziva:  I do not feel any seeping.

McGee:  Well, maybe you just gotta be born here.

Ziva:  Come on you two.  It's just a game.

DiNozzo: It's our game.  If you build it they will come.  Field of Dreams.  Maybe that is speaking to the immigrant experience.

Ziva:  I did not become an American citizen because of baseball.

DiNozzo:  It's every kids dream.  Even McGee.

McGee:  It's true.  Centerfielder.  Right on the list, right before Imagineer.  It's a hard day when you realize those dreams might not come true.

Gibbs (enters from the background): Gotta keep the dream alive Tim.  Got three people that aren't going to get that chance.

DiNozzo:  Three strikes.

Gibbs: And your out... (End of scene)

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