Monday, October 11, 2010

The Stages of Grief at the End of the Season

Many Twins fans are feeling the same kind of pain as the conclusion of the season approached much faster than anyone had anticipated.

Fans are going through the grieving process that comes at the season's end.

Here is a look at the stages of grief and how they fit in with your recovery from Minnesota Twins grief.

The 7 Stages of Grief (as a Minnesota Twins Fan)...

1. Shock and Denial- This portion of the grief process can last for multiple weeks.
"There is no way the season is over."
"The Yankees ended the season horribly and they don't have any starting pitching. They can't beat us."
"We had home field advantage. We couldn't lose two games in front of out hometown crowd."

2. Pain and Guilt- You may feel guilty about the things you didn't accomplish with your team this season.
"They could have been champions."
"This was our year. The team and stadium were built for October."
"I could have cheered louder at the playoff games"

3. Anger and Bargaining- You might start blaming others for the end of the season.
"Why did Joe Nathan have to get hurt?"
"It was Justin Morneau's fault. He should have been able to come back."
"Ron Gardenhire made all the wrong moves."

4. Depression, Reflection, Loneliness- You finally realize the true loss of the season.
"This might have been one of the best Twins teams ever."
"The magic had been there all season. It should have carried over."
"The Twins line-up was filled veterans and stars. It was perfect from top to bottom."

5. The Upward Turn- Your depression begins to lift.
"There won't be any more planning my schedule around baseball games."
"The Twins can spend the off-season getting healthy and prepared for next season."

6. Reconstruction and Working Through- You try to find realistic solutions to the problems that ended the season.
"The Twins need to re-sign Jim Thome. He deserves another season."
"The Twins need to keep their bullpen depth at the highest level."
"The Twins need a top of the line starter."

7. Acceptance and Hope- You find a way forward and start planning for the future.
"There is always next season."


Leave a comment. What stage in the grieving process are you in?



Nickname unavailable said...

Great points. Being a Twins from from SoDak, this is my team. I made a couple of deals to make it to both home games last week. It is hard to believe season is over so quickly. My buddy, who went both games last week with me, said, "I am not allowed to go to any ALDS games anymore, the Twins always lose when I am there." I told him, "they lost without your there last year."

Yes, for the 6 months of the season, I can tell you who we are playing, who is next, who is pitching for us, and time of the game. I do schedule activities so at least I can hear the game on the radio or watch the game.

Thanks for posting this Cody!

NoDak Twins Fan said...

It feels like something is missing from your everyday life. There is a hole that has to be filled with something else.

Nene said...

I think I'm still in stage 4, but can see 5 up around the corner...

Guitarman said...

I'm over it. The Yankees sign players like Lance Berkman who have what 6 post season home runs. Where the Twins run players like Jason Kubel out who has what 1 post season hit!

I think Twins need to let Kubel go. Play Young, Span and Cudeyer every game and pinch hit Thome every game. And use Repko as the 4 guy in. Their starting pitching again could be very good if everyone stays healthy!

There's always next year. Most of the fun was the ride getting there.