Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Star Tribune Ad: Thank You from the Twins

The Star Tribune ran a thank you advertisement in today's sports section.  It featured some great pictures and heartfelt message:

To Sunny Days.  To Division Titles.  To Speed Squirrels.  And to Over Three Million Faithful.  

2010.  It was quite the incredible year.  From opening a new ballpark, to putting up 94 wins and capturing the Central Division title, it was a year that will be indelibly etched into our memory.

True, the ending was not the one everyone hoped for.  But as we reflect on the year, you can be certain this disappointment will only breed a deeper commitment.  

It started with the opening of a new ballpark.  Target Field.  A glimmering 40,000-seat testament to the beauty of outdoor baseball.  A seemingly magical ballpark that opened to the waiting eyes of the faithful from every corner of Twins Territory.  With wonderful views and wide-open skies that were perfect for fireworks and flyovers.  There were shimmering walls.  Natural grass.  Memorable statues.  Sun-drenched outfield.  Star-filled nights. And a 100% electric atmosphere.

And there was baseball.  Baseball as only the Twins can play.  Denard's day of three baggers.  Justin's amazing start.  Frankie's pitching, Carl's 'stache and Gardy's 800th win.  Numbers 573 and 574 off the bat of the ageless Jim Thome.  There was Danny Valencia's beginning.  There was Delmon Young and his extensive RBI collection.

There was Cuddy doing whatever it took to win, while the local hero, Joe Mauer, ripped the cover off the ball during a second-half hitting tear.  And there was a new clubhouse, baptized with its first playoff champagne.

Then there were those moments that can't be scripted.  A rainbow landing in right field.  A falcon perched on a foul pole.  A squirrel that wanted to play third base.  And of course, there was a sunny, 65-degree day in April that cosmically welcomed baseball's return to the great Minnesota outdoors. 

But mostly, most importantly, there was you.  Over three million of you, clad with Twins red and blue, cheering with all the gusto you have, making Target Field the greatest place in the world to be.  We re grateful.  

So here's to you.  
Thank you.

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NoDak Twins Fan said...

A great summary of the season. But it still doesn't take away the quick end.