Monday, October 25, 2010

Tonya's Revenge: Kirby Puckett's Statue

In the Sunday issue of the Star Tribune there was something that caught my eye in regards to the Twins and Kirby Puckett.  C.J. wrote the following in the Sunday Life section:

Target Field's Kirby Puckett statue is being called "Tonya's Revenge" because she signed off on a sculpture that doesn't resemble her estranged husband, so future generations will have no idea what he looked like.

When the Puckett's were getting divorced in 2002 there were many bad stories that came out against Kirby.  Tonya accused her former husband of threatening her in multiple ways.  This being said.  Would making a statue that she feels doesn't look like him really get back at her former husband?

Compare the images below.  How close are they to each other?

To say that this statue doesn't look like Kirby Puckett is an insult to Twin Cities sculpture Bill Mack.  If you click on the link above you can view lots of different works from Mack?  All of the artwork that he has created about famous figures is very accurate.  Mack designed many of the prominent statues on Target Plaza including Hall-of-Famers Puckett, Harmon Killebrew, and Rod Carew.  Each one of these statues is superb and fits the characteristics of each individual player.  Killebrew's Paul Bunyan-like swing, Carew's unique batting stance, and Puckett's signature game all adorn the plaza area leading to Target Field.  

Puckett's statue will draw conversations for years to come.  Future generations of Twins fans will wonder about the legend of Kirby Puckett.  Past generations will be able to tell these future generations of the career and the game that came to define his career.  

In the age of the internet and ever increasing communication avenues there will always be a way for fans to remember what Puckett looked like.  Fans can directly access the internet from cell phones and iPods at the game.  This unlimited access will allow fans to find real-life images of Puckett at the touch of a button.

There are also images of Puckett that are found throughout Target Field.  The Majestic Pro-Shop has pictures of Puckett to purchase.  The Kirby Puckett atrium is full of images of Puckett from his playing days.  So there are multiple ways for Twins fans to find a picture of Puckett.

If the statue is truly "Tonya's Revenge," then she failed miserably.  Kirby Puckett and his image will be etched into the minds of fans as long as the organization exists. For Twins fans there will always be the thought of Kirby rounding the bases in the '91 World Series, his catch in the same game, and that infectious smile.  

That is the image that will resinate in the minds of Twins fans in the years to come.


Nickname unavailable said...

Great thoughts Cody! Makes a person think!

Neal said...

Well...I don't buy the "Tonya's Revenge" angle but I have to admit, the Kirby statue at Target Field looks a good deal more menacing and even "monstrous" than the Kirby etched in my memory or than the picture we compared it to on the left...maybe "monstrous" is just that sculptors style but there is some validity if you look honestly, in my eyes anyway...

NoDak Twins Fan said...

I was there on Opening Day when Kirby Jr. removed the curtain to unveil his father's statue. I was excited when I knew that the statue was going to be Kirby's most iconic image.

I will say that the facial expression did shock me a little the first time I viewed it. But I became more comfortable with it over time.