Thursday, November 4, 2010

Catching-up with Lew Ford (in Espanol)

As I take a faded blue jersey shirt with a peeling number 20 out of the dryer, my mind flashes back. Everyone in the Metrodome is on their feet and the sounds of "LLLLLLLEEEEEEWWWWWW" echo off the Teflon roof. Lew Ford quickly became a fan favorite for his hustle on the field and his ability to be an impact player on a team pushing for the playoffs.  He even received some MVP votes for his performance in the 2004 season.

It isn't 2004 any more and Ford hasn't been a member of the Minnesota Twins since the end of the 2007 season.  So what has Lew Ford been up to in the last three years.

The 2008 season saw Ford out of the major league system and traveling across the Pacific Ocean to work in the Japanese Central League.  He played 47 games for the Hanshin Tigers.  He stats during that season looked like this:
Games: 47
BA: .225
R: 11
HR: 3
RBI: 11
OPS: .656
Lew's journey took a different path during the 2009 season.  He split time between an independent league and the Reds minor league system.  He started 2009 as a member of the Long Island Ducks.  During his time with the Ducks he put up these numbers:
Games: 93
BA: .330
R: 77
HR: 10
RBI: 55
OPS: .906
These numbers were impressive enough to get him another chance with an affiliate of a major league club, the Reds.  He joined the Louisville Bats for a brief portion of the 2009 season.  But facing major league quality pitching again brought those numbers crashing down.
Games: 11
BA: .158
R: 6
HR: 1
RBI: 6
OPS: .572

The 2010 season saw Lew cross the border into Mexico to play for the Oaxaca Warriors of the Mexican League.  His numbers improved and he ended the season with these statistics:
Games: 39
BA: .314
R: 21
HR: 5
RBI: 25
OPS: .961
There you have it.  The journey of Lew Ford since his playing days with the Minnesota Twins.  He has played on two continents, in three countries, and on four different teams during the past three seasons.  He was always a fan favorite and it is fun to get caught up with the path that players follow when they leave the team.

Thanks for all the memories, Lew.

Everyone say it one more time, "LLLLLLEEEEEWWWWW!"

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