Wednesday, November 10, 2010

End of Season Awards: What takes so long?

What takes so long?

I mean really MLB, does it take until two weeks after the World Series is over to tally up all of the votes for the end of season awards?  Do they only count one writer's votes a day from the last day of the season until the first awards are announced?  Come on!

I understand that they want to keep baseball in the limelight for as long as possible.  The problem is this doesn't work.  There needs to be a different approach to the end of the season awards and how they are given out.

Let's look at the schedule first:
November 15: AL and NL Rookie of the Year
November 16: NL Cy Young
November 17: AL and NL Manager of the Year
November 18: AL Cy Young
November 22: NL MVP
November 23: AL MVP

Many people will be out purchasing their turkey for their Thanksgiving meal and MLB will still be handing out their awards.  The Giants will have been World Series champions for over three weeks when the last award is announced.

The solution to the problem:
Give the awards out during the World Series

This might seem like an interesting solution but there are a few reasons to do it.

1.  Increase ratings during the World Series.  This could be done by having an on-field ceremony for the award winner.  Fans from teams that aren't competing in the World Series would watch to see if their favorite player or manager received an award.  As a Twins fan over the last decade it has been exciting to find out if Johan Santana won the Cy Young or if one of the M&M boys got the MVP.  Having them honored at the World Series would have been great to see.

2.  National attention to the award ceremonies.  Many of the national baseball writers would already be there to cover the World Series.  This way they would also be able to cover the awards as well.  Some of these writers might not be able to travel to all of the cities that these awards are given out in.  It can feel like the awards are very localized when it comes to coverage.  This way there can be better coverage of the players in all baseball markets across the country.  

3.  Let the focus at the end of the year be on the Champions.  The Giants were a great story this year and for them to win the World Series was a wonderful finale to the season.  By having all of the awards given away before the final game the last awards ceremony of the year can be the World Series trophy.  This is a team game, not an individual sport.  Let the focus be on the team that overcomes every obstacle and wins the title

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