Monday, November 8, 2010

First Sweet Spot Reward

Awhile back I wrote a post about the new rewards program that the Twins have created for their season ticket holders.  It is called the Sweet Spot Season Ticket Benefit Program.  There are many benefits that they are planning on offering throughout the 2011 season.  Click on the link above to read about some of the many benefits of being a season ticket holder.

The Twins sent out their first portion of the Sweet Spot Rewards Program at the end of last week.  As part of the benefit for renewing your tickets for next season the Twins are allowing all returning season ticket holders to enter a contest.  This contest is for one of 30 framed player autographed Opening Day prints.  The specific player that signed the print is awarded randomly to the winners so there is no guarantee as to what player you would get.

It is a wonderful picture and it would be a great addition to have a player signed copy of the print.  It would be cool if they had players that did some of the "firsts" that day sign the pictures.
-Carl Pavano for having the first pitch, first start, first win
-Jason Kubel for having the first homerun
-Orlando Hudson for having the first Twins hit

This is the photo that will be given away in the first Sweet Spot promotion.
I am excited to see what other ideas that the Twins ticket sales staff develops this season to entice fans.

This was a good first step but I have a feeling it will get much better.

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