Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Joe Nathan Injury Update

According to Joe Nathan's Facebook page he will be pitching off the mound starting next month.  Bill Smith also says that Nathan is also on track to be ready for Spring Training.

In other Twins closer news Bill Smith said that it is a no-brainer that the Twins will tender Matt Capps a contract.(For some reason the link hasn't been working for some people but if you copy and paste the following address it should bring you to the article:

Even with the good news about Nathan it is nice to know that the Twins will have a back-up option if he isn't ready at the beginning of the 2011 season.  Capps could fill-in as the closer until Nathan is back to form.
The Twins sent a valuable prospect to the Nationals in the form of Wilson Ramos for Capps.  It is good to know that it wasn't for a two month rental.


John said...

Twins general manager Bill Smith said it's "not at all" a question whether Matt Capps will be tendered a contract this winter.

That can be read in two ways as is typical for Bill Smith. Maybe that's why you didn't use quotes and your link goes to nowhere. He may very well mean that it would be stupid to give him one....

NoDak Twins Fan said...

Here is a better explanation and the address for the to the article. Not sure why it wasn't working before.