Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Media announces Twins 2010 team awards

The local media has their votes in for the Twins team awards (aka the Diamond Awards).  These awards will be given away at a celebration this winter.  The even will support the University of Minnesota's program that deals with ataxia, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, and ALS.  You can attend the event for $150 but $100 of that is tax deductible.  Click here to get your tickets.

The awards break down like this:

Calvin Griffith Award (Team MVP): Joe Mauer

Joseph Haynes Award (Pitcher of the Year): Carl Pavano

Bill Boni Award (Rookie of the Year): Danny Valencia

Charles Johnson Award (Most Improved Twin): Delmon Young

Dick Siebert Award (Upper Midwest POY): Joe Mauer

Bob Allison Award (hustle, leadership, etc.): Michael Cuddyer

Mike Augustin Award (Media Friendly Player): Michael Cuddyer

My votes for Twins MVP, Pitcher of the Year, and Rookie of the Year all matched up with the media picks.  I also think that these awards broke down as most expected.  There could be arguments made for Fransisco Liriano to be pitcher of the year, but Pavano also had a great season.

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