Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Editions to Target Field

There will be a few new editions to the best ballpark in America next year.  Target Field will add the following amenities

1.  A new scoreboard in right field
2.  A 100 foot "Twins Tower"
3.  Free Wi-Fi
4.  More Minnesota-themed concession items
5.  More heat lamps
6.  Additional artwork tied to baseball history in Minnesota
7.  More bronze statues on the Target Plaza

For the most part I think these are all welcomed additions to Target Field.  The only one that might have to grow on me is the giant "Twins Tower."  I feel like this might be a little too much.  The way that they use it could really change my opinion on it.  If it is just another spot for advertising then I am against it.

Here is a few snapshots of what the proposed editions will look like at Target Field.

The new rightfield scoreboard and the "Twins Tower" (Populous, Twins)
A close-up of the new "Twins Tower." (Populous, Twins)
A view of the down-town with the new additions. (Populous, Twins) 
A home-plate view of the new editions (Populous, Twins)

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