Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Power of Blue: Twins New Road Jersey

Just in time for the holiday season the Twins unveiled a new alternate road jersey for the 2011 season.  This jersey follows the same basic design as the gray road jersey that the Twins unveiled last season.  It seems that the jersey is a combination of the road gray jersey and the alternate navy blue jersey (see photos below).
There are a few reasons to develop this new jersey.

1.  Money, Money, Money-  If the team sells a new jersey there are going to be obvious profits to be made.  The new gray style jersey became very popular with fans for the first season at Target Field.  Many people went out and invested in their favorite players jersey in the road style gray even though they may never see the team play on the road.

2.  Superstitions- Over the course of the Twins last few divisions championships there have been times when the team has gone through a rough patch of games.  The team tries to find a way to break out of those slumps and the easiest way to do that is to switch jerseys.  Does wearing a different color jersey help a team play better?  No, probably not, but it could lead to more confidence for a player and that can lead to better at-bats and that can snowball in positive results for the team. 

3.  The Power of Blue- The Twins and their current batch of players seem to have an infatuation with wearing the blue alternate jersey.  There have been stretches of recent seasons that the team seems to forget that they have gray road jerseys.  In 2006 the team wore nothing but blue jerseys down the stretch until they clinched the division crown.  Even as recent as last season the Twins would pass on their home whites and their road grays to sport the power of the blues.

Any thoughts on the new blue road jerseys? As always, please leave comments below.

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