Monday, November 1, 2010

Smell'em vs. the Horn and Antlers

During the Twins magical run in 2006 there was a theme that developed among the team and their fans.  Mike Redmond led the cheering squad with some interesting sign language and a simple phrase, "Smell'em."

The item that the Twins batters were suppose to "smell" was the runners on base.  By hitting the runner in the batter was capitalizing on the opportunity that was presented to them.  After a batter had hit a runner in to score the bench, led by Redmond, would explode with players touching their nose and pointing at the batter turned runner.  The player who had just reached base would then signal back to the team. There were many t-shirts and logos made to support the team and their mantra.  The players and fans were excited and team chemistry seemed to be off of the charts.

In the Rangers current World Series run there has been a similar theme that has developed to help with their own team chemistry.  The fans have latched on to it and made it into their team slogan.  The theme has been dubbed the "Claw and Antlers."

If the Rangers do something positive offensively the team signals that with their hand in the shape of a claw.  If the Rangers do something that is speed related they put their hands on their head so it looks like antlers.

This Texas team and their fans seems to have a different energy about them when the "Claw and Antlers" are out in full force.  The fans are more involved with the team because they feel as if they are part of the team.  They might never get to meet their favorite player but when he does something positive they can cheer along with the signals that the team is making.

The Twins need to find a new theme for the players and fans to attach to in 2011.  There needs to be t-shirts printed again with a new phrase that can sweep through out Twins Territory.  There seemed to be a magic spark that was missing from the team this season.  By creating a new phrase the team will have better camaraderie and maybe some of that magic can return.

If you have any suggestions for a new phrase for the team let me know.  Leave a comment below and start the discussion.

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M said...

This past season the fans had the "Kuuube" call, the Pavstache, and not much else (the Rauch tattoo thing never quite caught on). The only magic was provided by an inanimate object, Target Field.

It has to start with the team. If the team has good chemistry and demonstrates some spark, the magic will happen and the fans will be more than happy to participate.