Saturday, November 20, 2010

Star Tribune Ad: Congrats Gardy

There was an advertisement from the Twins in the Saturday edition of the Star Tribune.  It was a full page ad with a big picture of Ron Gardenhire to congratulate him on winning the American League Manager of the Year.  The words are listed below.


He is, most of all, a leader.
A skipper.
A general.
He has his players' backs.
He is a teacher.
He is there with a pat on the backside after a rough inning.
He is a fixture on the top step of the dugout after a big home run.
He is a mentor.
He is one that does not mince words.
But he is one who encourages greatness from his players.

He, is most of all, a leader.

He is, least of all, the American League Manager of the Year.
An award that deserves great accolades.
But knowing this man,
he cherishes other things more.

Congratulations, Gardy.

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