Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Twins Award Season Poem

To celebrate the end of the award season I have crafted an award season poem to honor all of the Twins that were recognized over the last few weeks.  My poem is slightly based on Dr. Seuss and his famous graduation speech, "Oh the Places You'll Go."  I make reference to all Twins players that received votes for the different awards: Joe Mauer (Gold Glove, Silver Slugger, MVP), Danny Valenica (Rookie of the Year), Francisco Liriano (Cy Young), Ron Gardenhire (Manager of the Year), Delmon Young (MVP), and Jim Thome (MVP).

Today is your day!
You've won a Gold Glove,
And a Silver Slugger is on the way.

Your knees might have bugged you,
And your season was down.
But you're still a great catcher
And an MVP to this town.

Next on the list our rookie extraordinaire.
His rookie campaign left few unaware.

In an up and down season
You provided a light.
You showed all the fans
Who should have the job outright.

A force on the mound and an ace to the staff.
You were able to compile a great second half.

A start in the playoffs didn't go as planned.
But the future looks bright for this left hand.

A slugger who hit the ball far.
An outfielder who is becoming a star.
Each one helped the team to succeed.
Winning the Central became their creed.

The manager of the team beat out all the rest.
He was the top of the top and the best of the best.

There were injuries to a closer,
And a beat up MVP.
But this leader over came it
To the 100th degree.

Each person succeeded!
Yes, they did indeed.
Celebrate each with a loud cheer!
Here's to a more successful season next year.

Have a great Thanksgiving weekend everyone.
Travel safe, shop hard, and enjoy time with your family and friends.

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