Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day Tribute: 2010

To honor all current military and veterans I wanted to write a post about a veteran with a baseball story involved.  It's my Veteran's Day Tribute: 2010.

This is the story of a World War II veteran.  A man that spent many of his years serving the country even after he returned from the war.  Darrell (Bud) Stenseth was born in a small town in North Dakota.

At the break out of World War II he decided to do what he could to help.  He began to build ships in the ship yards of Seattle, Washington in 1942.  Shortly after he was drafted into the service of the United States Army on May 8, 1943.  After completing his training as a medic he was assigned to the 69th Infantry Division.  He fought on the front line of the Siegfried Line.  This line would fight their way to Berlin, Germany.

When he returned from the front lines he took a job as a Rural Mail Carrier with the United States Post Office.  He would serve his country in this position for over 40 years.

In 1995 Bud and his family decided to take a trip to Minneapolis.  His family had never been to a Twins game and it was a trip that the family would never forget.  Along on the trip with Bud was his wife, his daughter, his son-in law, and two of his grandkids.

The game featured the Seattle Mariners visiting the Minnesota Twins.  Randy Johnson would be dominant in the game.  He pitched a complete game while allowing two hits and striking out 10.  Both hits for the Twins came off the bat of Scott Leius.  The Twins would be shut-out and the Mariners won by the final score of 12-0.

For Bud and his family the day was more important then a Twins win.  His family would be Twins fans for life.  They had also made a memory that would last a lifetime.

Thanks for being part of my first Twins game, Grandpa Bud.

Thank you, even more, for being a veteran and serving our country. 

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Schruender said...

Great story. My grandfather served in Pearl Harbor - although he wasn't there on December 7th. This is an important day - I love watching baseball on Memorial Day too. Great to hear all the stories about players like Teddy Ballgame.