Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cordova's daughter in a coma

When I was a young Twins fan I had a connection to the Twins right fielders.  Most times that I went to the Metrodome I was sitting in the right field bleachers.  This meant that the player that I was closest to was the right fielder.  In the mid to late 1990's that player was Marty Cordova.  During some rough seasons in the mid-90's Cordova was a middle of the line-up hitter with the Twins and won the AL Rookie of the Year in 1995.

Sometimes it is important to remember that baseball is just a game...

It was released last night that Cordova is going through a very personal matter.  His 15-year-old daughter, Ashley McAdam, was in a tragic car accident that has left her in a coma.  The car accident happened 12 days ago (December 16) in her high school parking lot in Salt Lake City, Utah.

All of the members in McAdam's car were injured and have had to undergo surgery.  Ashley took the brunt of the force and had the most injury because of it.  She has been unresponsive since the accident.

Cordova and the mother of Ashley, Tamara McAdam-Burleigh, have set up a Facebook page to support their daughter.  There are tons of messages from friends, family, and friends to support Marty and his family during this trying time.  Marty and Tamara have promised to update Ashley's status everyday to followers of the group.

The Facebook group seems to be growing significantly since the national publication of the story.  The family is also asking for donations to help with the medical bills that have begun to pile up.  People can make a donation by following this link.

There was a quote from Cordova that seemed to summarize the feelings of many parents that have had children involved in an accident such as this.  "What I want is for people to see that this can happen to your own kids.  Hug your kids, spend time with them."

In an incident like this it is important to remember that life can be bigger than baseball.

Please leave a message on the "Supporting Ashley McAdam" page on Facebook.  It will be great to see all of the support left to Marty and Tamara in their time of need.

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