Friday, December 17, 2010

Fan Forum with Danny Valencia and Ben Revere

What do you get when you combine over 2200 Twins fans and two rising stars in one phone conversation?  A great experience for all season ticket holders across Twins Territory.

As one of the perks of being a season ticket holder the Twins offered fans the opportunity to be part of a live telephone chat with Danny Valencia and Ben Revere.  This was an hour long chat that was hosted by Dick Bremer.  It was also one of the first parts of the Sweet Spot that I explained a few months ago.

Fans were allowed to ask questions and listen to responses from both of these future stars.  There were also prizes given away.  These prizes included fours passes to the buffet in the Metropolitan Club and autograph photos of Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau, and Michael Cuddyer.

Valencia and Revere spent time answering a variety of questions over the course of the hour.  Here is a look into just a few of their answers.

What was your favorite team and player when you were growing up?
Valencia: Atlanta, Florida, and Seattle.  His favorite player was Ken Griffey Jr.
Revere:  Atlanta.  His favorite players were Chipper Jones and Andrew Jones.

What are your favorite ballparks and least favorite ballparks to play at in the majors?
Valencia: One of his favorites was Kansas City.  He didn't like the Oakland and Tampa Bay.
Revere:  He didn't have much major league experience to go off of but said that the atmosphere in Chicago was fun to be a part of.

Thoughts on Crain going to the White Sox?
Valencia: Said that he and Crain would joke about what would happen if they faced each other.  Crain told Valencia that he would strike him out.  Valencia said that he would get a homerun.  Only time will tell who will win that match-up.

How will they handle the language barrier in the infield next season?
Valencia: He and Bremer joked about the variety of languages that will be spoken in the infield next season.  They jokingly said that there would be four languages spoken between the infielders (Valencia=English, Alexi Casilla=Spanish, Tsuyoshi Nishioka=Japanese, Morneau=Canadian).

What was it like wearing those crazy rookie dress-up costumes?
Both players said it was pretty embarrassing but all in good fun.  If you haven't seen the photos yet check them out here.  

With all of the recent winter weather how do you approach cold weather games?
Valencia:  Thought that it isn't that bad to play in cold weather especially with all of the new cold weather gear that the teams have to wear.  He also said that he gets use to the cold when he starts moving around on the field.
Revere:  Doesn't like the cold! 

Will Revere continue to wear his specialized face mask in 2011?
Revere:  No way!  He said that in the Arizona Fall League he didn't wear the mask.  He also said that the mask really bothered him during his time with the major league club.  He wanted to remove the mask but the big league club wouldn't let him.

Do you like to study the history of baseball?
Valencia:  Loves watching old games late at night when he can't sleep.  He said games with Twins Legends are fun to see.
Revere:  Has been taking some bunting tips from old footage of Rod Carew.  

Are you superstitious before a game?
Valencia:  Follows the same routine before every game and before every at-bat (taking swings off the tee in the cage)
Revere:  Says a prayer before every game.
It was a fun and unique experience and every fan that asked a question thanked the players for volunteering their time.  I look forward to other opportunities like this the rest of the season.  


jjswol said...

My experience was not nearly as good. My phone rang and I answered it but there was not a sound for the 10 minutes I stayed on the line before I hung up. Disappointing.

NoDak Twins Fan said...

There seemed to be a few issues since it was the first time doing it. They couldn't connect to the people asking the questions and it was sometimes hard to hear what they were saying. Hopefully they have these issues ironed out before they have another Fan Forum in the future.