Thursday, December 9, 2010

JJ Hardy: Already out the door

Day three at the Winter Meetings was all about JJ Hardy for the Minnesota Twins.  It seems that the Twins already have the door open and are ready to push Hardy out of it.

The team waiting in line to receive Hardy is the Baltimore Orioles. Reports out of Baltimore have the Orioles offering Brett Jacobson and another minor leaguer, Jim Hoey.

Let's meet Brett Jacobson:
He's 6'6" and 220 pounds.  A big boy that throws the ball very hard.  He came to the Orioles organization in 2009 from the Tigers (Aubrey Huff trade).  His 2010 stats broke down like this:
Record: 8-1
ERA: 2.79
Games: 34
IP: 71.0
K: 67

Let's meet Jim Hoey:
He's 6'6" and 210 pounds.  He does have some major league experience in '06 and '07. The Orioles have been his team since he was drafted.  His 2010 stats at AAA and AA broke down like this:
Record: 6-0
ERA: 3.25
Games: 42
IP: 52.2
K: 70

If these reports are true the Twins would be giving up the best available shortstop on the market for only one player that is ready to compete at the major league level.  This can be seen as a positive and a negative.  The positive being that your team can develop young talent.  One of the negatives being that there might not be anyone to immediately help the Twins to win games.

I feel that trading Hardy for two prospects could be a huge mistake.  Jacobson could be with his third team in three seasons.  How good of a player could he be if every team that he is with tries to get rid of him?  He is 25 years old so the Twins could take a couple years to develop him into a major league reliever.  Hoey is almost 28 years old and may only get one more chance at the major league level.

As I wrote about on Tuesday there have been some bridges burned between Hardy and the Twins.  He is only under team control for next season.  It seems that Hardy isn't in the long term plans for the Twins.  This might be the best time to trade Hardy and get value for him.

Twins fans are going to be upset no matter what happens with Hardy.

Hardy Stays: If Hardy stays there is a good chance that he will leave next offseason when he is no longer under team control.  The bridge has been burned and it seems that Hardy is already out the door.

Hardy Goes: The Twins will get some prospects back and hopefully be able to develop them into major league ready talent.  The door is open and it seems that Hardy will be wearing a different uniform next season.

UPDATE:  It sounds as if Brendan Harris will also be included in the trade.  That will be a huge salary dump for the Twins roster next season.  The deal has been completed with the minor league players I mentioned above for Hardy and Harris.

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