Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Possibility of Pavano

One of the big Twins related stories from Day Two at the Winter Meetings was that the Twins were scheduled to meet with Carl Pavano's agent.

Many reports have stated that Pavano is looking for a three-year contract.  This could be a gamble with a pitcher that will be in his late 30's.  From man reports there are multiple other teams interested in Pavano.

This meeting with the Twins could be the beginning of the end for Pavano in Minnesota.  Overpaying for a veteran pitcher might not be the best use of the Twins funds in 2011. There are other holes that the Twins need to fill.

The Twins also seem content with the many of the pitchers that are currently in the system.  If the Twins don't make any moves for next season the rotation would be:

1.  Francisco Liriano
2.  Scott Baker
3.  Nick Blackburn
4.  Brian Duensing
5.  Kevin Slowey

There are a lot of players in that projected rotation that will have something to prove.  There is also the possibility that if one of these pitchers fizzles out that the organization will turn to one of their younger pitchers such as Kyle Gibson.

Many of the free agent moves this offseason will be gauged around what happens with Cliff Lee.  When Lee has decided on a location and dollar amount the rest of the deals will be able to fall into place. If Pavano were to return to the Twins it would most likely have to be at a discount.  There would be benefits to doing this.  He would have the a good chance to make the postseason again, he already knows the organization, and he is familiar with the fans and community.

Will the famous mustache be gracing Target Field next season?
My gut feeling is no.  The team seems willing to enter next season with the rotation the way that it currently sits.  The market could come back to the Twins and make Pavano a more reasonable transaction for the Twins.  With Pavano being projected as possibly the second best available starter, someone will pay him and pay him the contract that he wants.

This probably won't be with the Twins.

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